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Turning Point YTH

Welcome to Turning Point YTH, the vibrant youth group of Turning Point Community Church! Our goal is to create a welcoming and dynamic environment where students can connect, grow, and experience life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. At Turning Point YTH, we believe that every young person has the potential to make a significant impact in their community and the world. Our goal is to guide them on this journey by fostering a strong spiritual foundation and providing meaningful opportunities for personal growth and development.

Why Join a Youth Group?

  1. Spiritual Growth: Youth groups like Turning Point YTH are crucial for nurturing the spiritual lives of young people. Through Bible studies, worship, and prayer, students deepen their understanding of God's word and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

  2. Community and Support: In a youth group, students find a safe and supportive community where they can share their struggles, celebrate their successes, and build lasting friendships. This sense of belonging is essential during the formative teenage years.

  3. Life Skills and Leadership: Participation in youth group activities helps students develop essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Through service projects and group initiatives, they learn to lead and serve others effectively.

  4. Positive Influence: In a world filled with various influences, a youth group provides positive role models and mentors who guide students towards making wise and healthy life choices. This positive influence helps them navigate the challenges of adolescence with confidence.

  5. Service and Outreach: Turning Point YTH encourages students to put their faith into action through community service and outreach projects. These experiences not only benefit others but also help students discover their passions and purposes.

Join us at Turning Point YTH and be part of a community where you can grow in faith, build meaningful relationships, and make a difference in the world around you. Together, we are committed to experiencing life change through Jesus Christ.  TPCC's YTH meets each Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

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