What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is the on-ramp for connecting men at Turning Point with our MANdate of leading 1,000 men to experience real lasting change. It is about coming together with a strong band of brothers who choose to care about and fight for what matters most. It's a monthly huddle for men to experience brotherhood, to be challenged in our walk with Christ and to encounter redemption. Think locker room meets an AA meeting where there’s inspiration, transparency, trust, support, and life change.

When do we meet?

We meet the second Saturday of each month starting at 8am. Fight Club is paced by three twenty-minute rounds to end by 9am.

  • Round 1:  breakfast and fellowship around the table.
  • Round 2:  life challenge through Biblical teaching and testimony.
  • Round 3:  discussion for getting real around the table.

Seven-Step Drop

Fight Club is the first step on our seven-step drop for getting men in the pocket for living a changed life in Christ.  What’s your next step?

  • Be a part of Fight Club.
  • Saved and Baptized.
  • Planted and Rooted in the Church.
  • Energetically Serving My Family.
  • Go thru the Men’s Study.
  • Lead another Man/Group thru the Men’s Study.
  • Attend a Man Camp.

April Challenge

This month’s challenge was from Tim Siegel. He challenged us to never give up, push forward and continue to live out our lives allowing our faith to fuel us.

Here are a few questions to push deeper into our challenge this Month.

  1. Who played a role in your life to motivate you to not give up in a situation where you could have quit?
  2. In your personal life, how are you allowing your faith to fuel the decisions you make?
  3. How are you being intentional in your day to day to leave behind a Legacy your loved ones can follow?

Call to action:
Is there someone you know who could really benefit from being brought into a brotherhood right now?

  1. Invite them to next month's Fight Club.
  2. Pray for them.