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Power to Change 03 - Fruit-Bearing Change

September 24 by JD Small From the series: The Power to Change

This week we are going to land the plane on this series by talking about our response to the truth that our lives have been changed and the fact that if we are being changed what is our response.

The Power to Change
This three part series is a capstone type series for Turning Point – helping each person understand the dynamics behind our life change mission.
We are starting a new mini-series called Unstoppable and we’re looking at how to turn some everyday moments into holy momentum.
Our study is called Consumed and from a detailed dive in Romans 12:1-2 we are going to learn how to reasonably respond in worship to God.
2 Part Sermon Series
Making Your Mark
At the core of this biblical investigation in to the life of John Mark, is the issue of POTENTIAL…making your mark is about pursuing your potential. The...
Ruth - A Chick Flick Dudes Dig
We begin a new study in the book of Ruth. A lot of people assume they know this story, but we all might be surprised by some of the things we uncover.
Jesus Is Lord
This study seeks to arrest the attention of Turning Point to the fact that Jesus IS LORD. Kurios means – lord, authority, ruler. It reflects the...
Join as as we celebrate 20 years of Ministry here at Turning Point Community Church. We will walk down memory lane and have teachings from the past and...
We are beginning our Christmas study this weekend titled: “Intros.” We are going to reexamine some of the familiar details of the Christmas story,...
A four part study on the life of Joseph, Genesis 37-50. The title of the series is “Stuck.” Maybe no one in the Bible better understood what it was...
PS 23 - Wherever, Whenever, Forever
We are kicking off a multi-week study of Psalm 23. This is the best known Psalm and one of the most well-known passages in all the Bibler. Psalm 23 is...
A two-week teaching on brokenmess where we are going to talk about how the Bible addresses why brokenness happens and how to move forward after it does...
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