What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is the on-ramp for connecting men at Turning Point with our MANdate of leading 1,000 men to experience real lasting change. It is about coming together with a strong band of brothers who choose to care about and fight for what matters most. It's a monthly huddle for men to experience brotherhood, to be challenged in our walk with Christ and to encounter redemption. Think locker room meets an AA meeting where there’s inspiration, transparency, trust, support, and life change.

When do we meet?

We meet the second Saturday of each month starting at 8am. Fight Club is paced by three twenty-minute rounds to end by 9am.

  • Round 1:  breakfast and fellowship around the table.
  • Round 2:  life challenge through Biblical teaching and testimony.
  • Round 3:  discussion for getting real around the table.

Seven-Step Drop

Fight Club is the first step on our seven-step drop for getting men in the pocket for living a changed life in Christ.  What’s your next step?

  • Be a part of Fight Club.
  • Saved and Baptized.
  • Planted and Rooted in the Church.
  • Energetically Serving My Family.
  • Go thru the Men’s Study.
  • Lead another Man/Group thru the Men’s Study.
  • Attend a Man Camp.

November Challenge

This month’s challenge is about spiritual authority. We want to enlighten men of their authority in Christ and the “incredible greatness of God’s power” (Eph 1:19) that can flood their life and legacy. We want each man to apprehend and exercise spiritual authority in the humility and example of Jesus.  We want to create a picture of generational impact which can be established with our stewardship of spiritual authority.

If you could choose a legacy to hand to your children’s children and beyond, what would it be?  What next steps do you think you need to take to shape that legacy?

Three suggestions about stewarding and directing your spiritual authority into a legacy that shapes generations:

  1. Leading - use your spirtual authority to lead others in spiritual formation.
  2. Pleading - use your spiritual authority to pray the blessings and purposes of God over your life and home.
  3. Bleeding - use your spirtitual authority to serve others by laying down your life.

Men, God has given us, under Christ, spiritual authority. Handle it well, don't fumble the ball. Because, what God can put on you can stick for generations.