At Turning Point Community Church, we hold firm to the belief in the importance of individual conscience and the right of every voter to make decisions that align with their faith, morals and values.  While TPCC does not often take a political stance on issues, we do recognize the importance of providing accurate information to our congregation and community.  

Proposition A
The "Freedom Act Lubbock Ordinance" (Proposition A) seeks to decriminalize the possesion of 4 ounces of marijuana or less.  On May 4th, Lubbock voters will have the opportunity to vote on this ordinance.  We encourage all voters to thoroughly research Prop A, considering its potential implications and outcomes.  We urge you to prayerfully consider how you vote with an informed decision.  

Project Destiny/Protect Lubbock
Project Destiny is an organization that seeks to protect Lubbock children, families and futures.  Their goal is to mobilize the faithful to promote Biblical values in local government.  Their areas of focus: sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, protection of children and religious freedom.  They are asking voters to vote against Prop A. They desire to to mobilize every Lubbock believer to stand up, take the time to vote, and protect Lubbock.

Click here for more information about their efforts to Protect Lubbock.

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As information develops and evolves, we will be adding additional resources and information to this page.