Interested in becoming a group leader?

Can you:

  • Ask Good Questions?
  • Practice Hospitality?
  • Engage in Scripture Conversation?

If you answered YES, then you can be a group leader!

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The Effective Community Group Leader

A Community Group is not a class. Nor is a Community Group Leader a teacher in the traditional sense. Rather, a Community Group leader is one who facilitates a discussion in a meaningful direction through the use of questions. Jesus was a master at asking questions. Why do you think He asked questions? What are some of your favorite Jesus Questions?


Using Questions In Leading a Community Group

Questions are valuable in Community Groups because they cause people to think and encourage a response. A key to leading a dynamic discussion is to learn to ask good questions/open ended questions.

Good questions:

  • lead to discussion not just assumed answers.
  • guide the discussion in a purposeful direction.
  • seek to explore meaning beyond facts.
  • promote understanding not just general answer.
  • point to biblical truths, not just personal opinion.
  • encourage personal and specific application.

I do really enjoy leading a small group in our home.  I have led many groups over the years in several different churches and feel that it is important for there to be a mix of ages so that some of us older folks get to share life experiences with a younger generation. We have our daughter and son-in-law in our group as well so that gives some credibility to all of my stories.  Leading a small group as we do, using the sermon from Sunday as our basis for discussion and having the recap and questions sent out to us by TPCC staff, makes it really easy to be a leader. It also facilitates the fact that If I/we are gone for a week, almost anyone can step in and lead.  I like to stress that doing group this way also makes it easy for others to realize that they could lead a group in the future.  For us, being new to the community in the last year or so, a small group was also a way for us to connect with people.  In a church the size of TPCC, there is no way that the pastor or staff can be in touch with everyone.  The small group is really the connecting and caring component that allows a larger church to function and see to it that people are served well.  It’s also a place where we gather for prayer for one another.  I know that Sunday mornings the church has a time when you can pray with someone, but many people are not willing to put themselves out that way.  In a small group, you get to know one another and there is a feeling of safeness in sharing your life’s issues.  I have always felt that it was important to get together with other believers during the week and then it is a bonus when you get to discuss the message from the past Sunday.

~Don Beckwith
Multi-Generational Small Group Leader