On behalf of the leadership at Turning Point, we wanted to invite you into the incredible journey Oleg & Marina are on. As they continue to pour into Ukrainian refugees at an unprecedented pace, they are providing updates to us of the current situation.  Please feel free to check back periodically as updates will be loaded upon receipt from Oleg – sometimes it is once a week while other times it is more frequent.  More than anything, please continue to pray for Oleg & Marina, the refugees, and for an end to the hostilities.

 May 2, 2022
We had the opportunity to go into a governmental shelter for refugees. They asked us to come and share the Easter Story and have fun with the kids. The team and Transition Home girls did an amazing job! We provided an Easter Program and gifts for the Ukrainian kids at a shelter near Chisinau. Joy and smiles of their faces are so precious. We are honored to serve them too!

April 6, 2022
Arrived safely! God is good and Pastors were so encouraged to see us bring food, medicine, and hygienic supplies. People in Kyiv Ukraine were waiting for the supplies of food, medicine and hygienic kits. Thanks to God we were able to bless many people through the local church in Kyiv, New Life Church.

April 5, 2022 

April 4, 2022 
Brothers, tomorrow I will be driving to Kyiv, capita of Ukraine to take food, medicine, hygienic supplies. We’ll deliver a van and a trailer full of goods close to the war line that will be transported inside. These goods will help small churches that desperately need help and want to help their communities. We need your prayers for God’s Protection.

April 4, 2022
It is so tragic to see how people with special needs and with special health conditions are struggling to get to a safe place. It is hard to even imagine what they have to go through, what a trauma for them. We’re so honored to be able to meet any possible needs and assist them as much as possible in the Christian shelters of Moldova. thank you for your generous support. Together Let’s keep loving & serving the people of Ukraine and Moldova as best we can. Pray & Give! Thank You!

March 27, 2022 
It is so moving to see families reunited. War separates but love unites! “Love God and Love People”. We are so honored to be there among refugees and express God’s love in practical ways! Thank you for your prayers and support. it make this work possible. Oleg & Marina

March 22, 2022

Yesterday, we were able to offer help by providing food for a Ukrainian town named Primorsk. The pastor of the church there provides shelter to 120 moms & babies. I was so deeply moved by the care that we are able to provide. This is an amazing thing to see how God’s family works together and takes care of each other.  We’re so thankful to you for your generosity and your prayer support. Oleg & Marina


March 17, 2022

Here's a story of 3 Christian families, fleeing from war to Moldova and looking for a safer place in Europe. We were able to find them a church in Austria that helped half way to provide rest after driving for many days. Another church in Germany is where they settled. Christ’s family is amazing, caring for others and for each other. What a blessing to know that only together we can help many families find a safe place and, we hope, the Savior too. Please keep praying for us as we increase the rescue mission in Ukraine & Moldova. We are helping people by organizing buses that transport them to safe places. Oleg & Marina


March 15, 2022

This refugees crisis is so crazy. All of these mothers with kids, who run to safety are becoming possible victims of human trafficking somewhere in Europe. We are placing billboards to inform women about possible danger and teaching how to stay away from it as much as possible. Oleg & Marina


March 14, 2022

Last night main routes that we’re taking people to Poland were bombed, western Ukraine suffered heavy bombing. Now we are expecting a major influx of refugees to the Moldovan borders. Please, keep praying for us and for our volunteers. We pray for wisdom and strength.


March 10, 2022

This is a long journey to safety for some of these people. This crisis brought people of different nations together helping those in need.



March 10, 2022

BabyBoy & Mama! I was able to pick him up and as I was carrying him, he kept looking into my eyes. I knew he was trying to see if his daddy is carrying him, but I was not. I was just a stranger trying to help. He is one of many kids who’s dads were left behind to fight as moms are taking them to a safe place! Mothers you are our heroes! We thank God for all of you! Please, help us to help such babies and mothers as they journey to safety! Please, Pray for Peace in Ukraine! 


March 4, 2022

We are evacuating thousand of people to Romania to be hosted by churches as a safe place. Look at this happy faces when they make it to the shelter or to their place of destination after we help them.


March 3, 2022

This is so unbelievable how many they are fleeing the war. The Moldovan government is at its limits and they are asking churches for help more than ever before. We are honored to see denominations and NGOs, united around this cause despite all the odds. Thank you for your prayers and support . My wife was assisting 50 people from Ukraine to travel through Moldova to Romania. She drove through the night yesterday they reached eastern Romania. I think God for my amazing wife who’s been helping these children and their parents. Our national television came to film and show how they pray and bless the nation of Moldova for the care and generosity and hospitality at the shelter for refugees. Thank you so much for your support.


March 1, 2022

Ukraine & Moldova need your prayers. My Friday visit there allowed me to see how concerned people are with a possible invasion. I could feel it floating in the air. Everyday life goes on but what is obvious is the need for prayer, word of encouragement and food (as people are having a hard time finding stable jobs). Pray for us as we are trying, with the help of the churches, to offer holistic help. We’re so happy that we are able to care for kids & families through local churches in times like these.