Raising Godly Kids in a Digital World

Currently, only ten percent of kids who grow up in the church retain a strong and active faith into adulthood. As our culture becomes increasingly post-Christian, and technology regularly exposes our kids to unbiblical worldviews and values, the role of parents in the discipleship of our kids has become critical. In this presentation, we will discuss key principles, tools, and strategies for building relationships and creating a family culture to encourage resilient faith and equip our kids to thrive in God’s purpose for their lives.

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

Jolene is passionate about equipping the next generation to thrive in their faith. She has a doctorate in education and has done extensive research on generational trends. Jolene has worked in education and ministry contexts for two decades. In addition to writing several books, Jolene provides regular training and consulting for churches, ministries, and schools on how to disciple and teach the next generation (www.leadingtomorrow.org). Jolene and her husband have twin 9-year-old daughters and live in central NC.