The TPCC Internship Program exists to help current and future leaders develop their God-given potential. Through our rigorous discipleship process (information, imitation, immersion) leaders grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as they experience the deep satisfaction of knowing they are making a valuable contribution to the Kingdom of God.

The Program was designed after the One who developed leaders best — Jesus Christ. In just three short years, He developed a team of 12 who continued His legacy, started the Church, and set out to make disciples who make disciples.

We have a condensed, summer internship that is more limited in scope for those interested in a July and August experience only. In addition, we have an exhaustive and in-depth program for those interested in a July through May experience.



What will you be doing?


Interns will immerse themselves in ministry throughout the week – they will be involved in nearly every ministry at Turning Point on a regular basis.  However, part of an internship also includes the intentional development and growth of the intern through teaching and interaction.  Thus, over the course of the Program, we will break up learning modules into 4 general categories: Culture/DNA, Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading Ministry.  
Below is a sample schedule of what the 10-month experience might look like (summer interns will participate in all activities while they are here):


Module 1 (July-September):
Orientation to TPCC Culture & DNA

Module 2 (October - December):
Lead Yourself

Module 3 (January - February):
Lead Others

Module 4 (March - May):
Lead Ministry


How do I apply?

As a potential intern, be sure to review each of the Intern Code of Conduct, Statement of Faith, Mission, and Values.  If, after reviewing that information, you are interested in applying to be a part of the Program, please download and complete the application.  Once complete, please send to Andrew W. Spangler, Executive Pastor, at andrew@tpcconline.com as he will coordinate the potential interview process.