Welcome to our life change moment

Growth Track is a 3 Sunday event that will take each attendee through:
+ An In-depth look at the mission, vision, & values of Turning Point.
+ A "lab" style-class to learn about and engage spiritual disciplines.
+ An opportunity to identify your S.H.A.P.E. profile, learn how God has uniquely gifted you, and find serving opportunities that fit your giftings!

(1st Sunday of The Month @ 5:00pm)

Our church mission is simple...changed lives period. The focal point for how we catalyze life change is through a proccess intiated by Jesus. He called it: Making Disciples.

Ready to Explore?
REGISTER NOW for Growth Track 101 and discover how we envision and lead toward life change.

(2nd Sunday of The Month @ 5:00pm)

We lean into our spiritual growth and extend to one another the grace to change at different paces and places of our life. Our ambition is to lead you to take responsibility for your spiritual growth.

Ready for what's next?
Life change doesn't just happen, take your next step of spirtual growth and REGISTER NOW for Growth Track 201.

(3rd Sunday of The Month @ 5:00pm)

Each person has been uniquely shaped to participate in ministry. God has hardwired you for serving. Our assessment and placement process is an effort to enable you to serve in your sweet spot. Part of our shepherding responsibility is to help you identify your shape and release you to serve.

Ready for what's next?
REGISTER NOW for Growth Track 301 to discover your SHAPE for ministry and find a place to serve.