Turning Point is a generous faith family that gladly shares freely. Our giving through ABOVE & BEYOND exceeds our normal routine of giving, it is above and beyond our normal practice of generosity. So, we want to encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to lead you on what to give this year. As you do, know that our financial gifts will address three dynamic causes: (i) an orphan project with New Hope Eurasia, (ii) the Kinship Home Fund with Buckner’s Children Home, and (iii) a Next Generation initiative here at Turning Point.

01 New Hope Eurasia: Summer Camp Sponsorship

Moldova is a small Eastern European country. It is not a romantic site with quaint destinations for tourists. In fact, some consider Moldova to be the only “third world country” in Europe. As a part of the former Soviet Union, there is a callousness along with an ongoing struggle to generate a stable economy.  That means poverty is a way of life. One consequence of that scarcity is the cruelty imposed on children. Families who cannot afford to feed and support their children, often turn them over to State run orphanages. These facilities were built during Moldova’s days as part of the Soviet Union, so you can imagine how cold these cinderblock buildings can be. But one point of warmth in the orphans’ lives is the love and attention brought by New Hope Eurasia. This ministry has routine access to visit, distribute supplies, and present meaningful programs to these precious orphans.

Only God could give this ministry the favor that it has with a communist party overseeing the State’s orphanages! Get this…for one week during the Summer, New Hope Eurasia has permission to take these orphan children to Summer Camp. This experience gives children the opportunity to have fun and encounter the love of God in ways they have never known.  The salvation invitation extended to these children is usually received by 99% of the orphans in attendance.  It is one of the most remarkable mission investments our church can make. And this year, your Above and Beyond offering will sponsor one week of camp for these children!

02 Buckner: Kinship Care 

When possible, Buckner Children’s Home seeks to place children in foster care with an extended family member. Research shows that children who remain with family tend to have a greater sense of belonging and acceptance, which in turn promotes stability in placement. However, many kinship caregivers have some obstacles in housing these children. Through the Kinship Care Fund, Buckner can assist these families to make necessary changes in the home so that they can receive licensing for kinship placement. That may involve simple home repairs such as: window replacement, AC fixed, plumbing repairs, etc. By giving through ABOVE & BEYOND the Kinship Care program will be resourced to impact and strengthen foster needs in Lubbock.

03 Next Gen Initiative  

As we continue to impact young lives, we need to continue making a fun and safe place for our children to come and encounter Jesus. Over the past year, you may have noticed some remodeling in our building. These upgrades helped not only make room, but also provide welcoming environments for our children as we continue our efforts of planting seeds of life change one little life at a time. We are continuing this effort with a nursery remodel. This remodel consists of new design, furnishings, and a secure entrance into the space.



A second opportunity for reaching the next generation is through our students. With our Youth Ministry exploding and gaining God given momentum, we want to leverage the witness of our students with some on-campus opportunities to share Jesus.  We have a fresh idea for bringing Turning Point to school campuses…a Game Day Bus. We want to purchase a former school bus and trick that ride so that it has unique crowd gathering capability. There will be thumping speakers, video screens, grilling spaces, a stage. Imagine game days, school plays, band competitions, etc., with a place that our students can bring other students in their parking lot for a Turning Point tailgate experience!

How to Give

CLICK HERE to visit TPCC's secure online giving portal and be sure to select "ABOVE & BEYOND" to denote your gift. We will be receiving Above & Beyond gifts through the end of the year.