We are calling the Turning Point body to give something ABOVE & BEYOND your normal routine of giving. The Apostle Paul cheered us on to “Share freely and give generously...” (2 Corinthians 9:9).

Our goal is to raise $160,000 towards two missional goals:

Share International: Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) Training Center

TPCC has a long history of intentionally furthering the gospel by investing in the Turkana people in Kenya. You may not be aware, but these groups are making disciples at an unprecedented pace, in part because of YOUR faithfulness in giving. While we prayerfully hope for a chance to send a team to that location in the years ahead, there is work that can be done now to keep the forward momentum. To that end, we are looking to raise enough funds to build at least one DMM Training Center in an unreached area of Kenya. More training centers will allow for greater gospel multiplication in that region. This is how we can lead others toward life change, even if we never meet them personally. EVERYONE MATTERS.

Digital Missions 

In complete transparency, TPCC was caught “flat footed” when Covid restrictions prevented us from meeting in person. By necessity, we have learned, adapted and pushed forward. What a surprising blessing to learn that not only do we have an immediate local family of believers who watch online (and continue to need an online experience for various reasons), but that God has used this time to grow our faith family in new ways. Technology allows us to reach people spread all over the United States and the world.

Unfortunately, our current infrastructure is not designed to leverage our mission of life change in all the ways it could. Regardless, there are literally hundreds of people that still participate with Turning Point every week through our online feed. One weekend, our live stream crashed, and those hundreds of people could not participate with us. It was like driving to church and finding the doors locked. We don’t want that to happen again.

To reach more people digitally who are separated by distance AND to better care for those who are part of our local church family but can’t come in person, we need to invest in technology. We must improve the reliability of our systems, help people attending online to “feel” like they are IN the room, and help those who come in person to feel blessed by worshiping in our house. 

We recognize this is a little different than giving opportunities in past years. It is not as easy to directly connect this initiative of digital missions to specific people groups. But we are trusting that the Lord wants to do a mighty work through Turning Point and are looking to meet people where they are. Will you prayerfully consider joining us, and go ABOVE & BEYOND as we seek His will in this area?

How to Give

CLICK HERE to visit TPCC's secure online giving portal and be sure to select "ABOVE & BEYOND" to denote your gift. We will be receiving ABOVE & BEYOND gifts through the end of the year.