At TPCC we want to make it easier than ever for you to find your people. We have simplified our Community Groups to fit into one of three categories: Season of Life, Studies, and Activities. Check out the descriptions below and click the links to access the groups that interest you the most!

Season of Life

This category is broken up into zones. Each zone is designed to clearly capture each season of life.

Zone 1 – Transition Years 18-25

These years have lots of firsts and transitions as we figure out how to adult on our own.  Whether we are in college, post-grad, single, engaged, newly married or somewhere in between all of that, life is starting to feel exciting and scary at the same time.

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Zone 2 – KickStart Years 20s-30s

During these years individuals and couples are beginning their careers, meeting and marrying, starting families, raising young children.  More than anything – we find ourselves navigating the joys and surprises of adulthood.

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Zone 3 – Building Years 30s-50s

During these years individuals and couples are building their families and careers.  Lots of energy is devoted to help develop, strengthen, and serve. Our kids range from elementary to high school age.  Our time is filled with lots of volunteer hours at school, church, sports and other organizations.  

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Zone 4 – Launching Years 40s-60s

During these years individuals and couples start emptying the nest.  Many have high school, college and young adult kids who are transitioning out of the home.  A person in this stage is adjusting to “halftime” in career – how do I want to spend my peak years of productivity. Looking at your life “without kids.”  These are mature years with mature benefits.

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Zone 5 – Sage Years 60s-Plus

During these years individuals and couples are moving toward and settling into retirement.  A person is winding down their career, entering a patriarchal season with family and starting to ponder the “what’s next” in life.

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Multi-Generational – Blended Zones

These groups intentionally blend zones 1-5 and create a space where different generations can learn from one another and encourage each other. We believe there is value in connecting the seasons of life. This connection offers every generation a more complete picture of God’s goodness.

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Study Groups

In this category you’ll find groups gathering around specific studies, books, and ideas. Wanna study the Bible cover to cover? Or tap into a specific area of study? Maybe you’re looking for a mom’s group or a men’s group… If so – Study groups are perfect for you.

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Activity Groups

These groups love sharing in their common interests and hobbies. Here you’ll find everything from softball teams and cigar nights… to prayer groups, prison ministries, and outreach opportunities.

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