Update From Pastor Chuck Apr 3

Turning Point family,

I’m thankful for God’s grace to uphold and cover us as we continue to move forward in these uncertain times.  Each day there’s new information and we are all making necessary adjustments.  I’m so honored by the reports of how our families and our community groups are finding ways to optimize the opportunity to BE THE CHURCH to one another by expressing care and encouragement to each other and to people in your community circles. 

Kreg started a voluntary “virtual” group for people in his work community who are accustomed to a lot of personal contact but are now working from home and feeling the isolation. But this encouragement circle wasn’t just a positive thought for the day or a simple how are you doing checkup. Kreg set an expectation of finding and sharing how each person could see and be thankful for God’s touch in that work day.  Using some technologies, they gather to voice those encouragements to one another.  As they break the huddle, they are noticing how much increased sensitivity they feel for those around them that do not share their faith in this season.  And Kreg sees a rising interest and mission to be the church by being salt and light to them.

God is on the move. Our buildings are empty but the mission field is full and ready for harvest.  Let’s BE THE CHURCH.

Turning Point here is an exciting announcement about Easter.  Thanks to Stars and Stripes Drive In Theater in Lubbock, we will celebrate the resurrection uniquely this year.  On Sunday night, April 12 we can come in our cars to share a special resurrection service together.  This will be one of those, “do you remember when…” memories you don’t want to miss.  The gates will open at 8:00pm and the service will start at 8:30pm.  We will be using the big screens to broadcast a fun and meaningful celebration of the resurrection of Christ!  Now here are some special instructions for this service:

  • Go before you go – to remain in compliance with the gathering restrictions, the theater cannot open the restrooms.  The worship service will be a total of 40 minutes, so we are being sensitive to the situation.  But you have to do your part so, go before you go.
  • Stay in your car – sometimes people will get out and sit in lawn chairs at the drive-in but we must adhere to a strict remain in your car policy.
  • BYOS – Bring your own snacks, if you like popcorn and drinks at the theater…bring your own because the snack bar is closed at the theater.
  • It’s a family focused event, so kids and parents alike will be right at home for this celebration.

Remember…Easter Sunday…Stars and Stripes Theater…8:00pm gates open…8:30pm service starts…stay in your car…go before you go…Jesus is alive!

Turning Point we want to thank our very own Sam Kirkland who was very instrumental in making the Easter service at the drive in happen.  Sam is a theater owner and operator in Lamesa and Midland.  He used his credibility and relationship to represent Turning Point to the Stars and Stripes management.  Thank you Sam for being the church!

Let’s do it…let’s all BE THE CHURCH!

Pastor Chuck