Update From Pastor Chuck Apr 10

Hey Church Family,

Jill and I want to extend this personal video invitation for all of you to join us for our special EASTER SUNSET SERVICE on Sunday. We also want to remind you to please keep these essentials in mind:

  •     Go before you go – to remain in compliance with the gathering restrictions, the theater cannot open the restrooms.  The worship service will be a total of 40 minutes, so we are being sensitive to the situation.  But you have to do your part so, go before you go.
  •     Stay in your car – sometimes people will get out and sit in lawn chairs at the drive-in but we must adhere to a strict remain in your car policy.
  •     BYOS – Bring your own snacks, if you like popcorn and drinks at the theater…bring your own because the snack bar is closed at the theater.
  •     It’s a family focused event, so kids and parents alike will be right at home for this celebration.

Second - today is the last day to get your videos in and have you and your crew on the big screen! We want LOTS of families welcoming our church Sunday night - so please take a moment and follow these two easy steps:

1. SHOOT THE VIDEO with these specifications:
- :30 seconds or less please
- say any kind of warm welcome, prayer, hello etc. that would be appropriate for the event
- landscape mode only... turn your phone sideways so that the video looks like a TV. (portrait mode videos cannot be used)

2. SEND US THE VIDEO in the highest resolution/quality possible:
- email to kevin@creativeguy.com
- iPhone folks it will likely ask you if you want to use 'maildrop'... yes please use maildrop - that will get the video to us in great quality.

ALSO - Don't forget to join Pastor Chuck & Jill tonight for the Church-Wide Prayer service at 7pm on Facebook Live or at


We love you Turning Point Family! See you soon -
Pastor Chuck