Family Communion Tonight!

Join us tonight at 8:30p on Facebook Live for a church-wide famliy communion moment together!
You won't need to gather "traditional communion elements" at the store - just show up with a morsel of something to eat and a sip of something to drink and let's gather together and remember what Jesus has done for us!

Join us on our Facebook page by clicking here!



A Quick Note From Allen -
(We know that some people are not on Facebook.  And we know there are different reasons for different folks as to why they might keep their distance from this social media platform. I personally am NOT a Facebook fan! But - right now - even I have to admit it is a versatile tool that is actually quite resourceful in staying connected. As a church, TPCC does have other ways of "streaming" content via our website, vimeo, and other reliable resources on the web. But, when it comes to Live moments like these where the "host" wants to see comments and interact with those who are "joining".... Facebook has proven to be the most effecient way to share a moment together - live - in real time.  All that to say, if you're not on Facebook, please don't feel excluded. We will utilize our other web outlets as we walk out these weekly worship rhythms of teaching, Q&A, worship, communion and prayer together. But, perhaps consider - as we are in this season of utilizing technology as a pathway to connection - setting up an account if you feel left out without having access to the Facebook-specific moments. When all of this blows over... by all means - deactivate the account.  If you are not comfortable doing that - please rest assured Facebook will not be our only resource in providing connective content to our church famliy.
LOVE Y'ALL! - Hope to see you tonight!)