COVID-19 Update March 17

TPCC Family,

In a White House briefing on Monday March 16th, President Trump released a new set of guidelines for combating the spread of the Corona Virus. Among the policies was a restriction for public gatherings, with no assembly of more than 10 people.  This constraint is for a specified period of 15 days.  Later Monday evening, the Lubbock City Council passed its own restrictions at an Emergency Session of the board.  The policy they approved bans public meetings of 200 or more and exempts churches.  

Very candidly, we struggled as a leadership team with the tension of following the President’s guideline and exercising the local exemption.  We love our Lord and believe it is our highest honor to take every opportunity to gather in His name and worship Him.  But with that being said, we face the difficult but responsible decision to cancel all church sponsored services and ministry meetings until Thursday, April 2.  

There are specific times when the church’s mission and governing authorities are in a fundamental disagreement.  When that is the case, the church can and should exercise a brave decision of civil disobedience.  But that is not the case here.  The government is not choosing to restrict our freedom to assemble due to our message, it is simply requesting that we join them in prioritizing the health concerns of our community.  And, that’s what we are choosing at this time.

As you know, this situation is evolving quickly. Daily we will be reviewing all of the updates and evaluating our path forward.  Thank you for your patience and trust in our leadership.

This weekend I will be sharing with you a very important word about how we will navigate the next few weeks together.  We will post that message on our homepage and provide links in other mediums to help all of the TPCC faith family stay connected.  Outside of Sundays, we will be providing some routine updates and other discipling resources using Turning Point’s Facebook account.  It is our desire to lead you well and I think we have a good grasp of ways to keep you informed but also challenged.

If you are a small group leader, we will be reaching out to you in the next couple of days to establish some ongoing communication.  We will be leaning on you to help us pastor our people!

While this is a difficult time for all, it is a huge opportunity for the church to be the church!  I look forward to talking to you more about that this Sunday.  Until then, remember – our God reigns!

Pastor Chuck