COVID-19 Update March 13

Faith family I want to offer a couple of thoughts about the current concern over the virus and actions being taken across the country to reduce the threat it imposes.

First, we will not be a people ruled by fear.  The Bible says plainly, “For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.” (2 Timothy 1:7, HCSB) There is no question a spirit of fearfulness has been released in our world.  We have to resist the temptation to buy in and behave as people lacking sound judgment.  These moments give our world the opportunity to see a contrast between a panic and a peace produced by an abiding faith.  In the 18th Century, John Wesley made his first trip to America crossing the ocean on a ship full of travelers.  During a violent storm, Wesley feared for his life but heard the sound of singing coming from the deck of the ship.  When he investigated, he found a group of true believers in Jesus praying and praising God for His protection.  Wesley said he was confronted by the fact that there was a difference in his religion and the true faith he saw in these believers. And, sometime later he gave his heart fully to the Lord which he said was due in part to the witness of true faith he saw in those believers. When we face a common threat, like the COVID-19 virus, the public needs to see people of faith…acting in faith.  Let’s stand in the gap and pray.  Let’s be at peace and demonstrate love, power, and sound judgment.  Our trust is in the Lord!  

Secondly, we want to be prepared and responsible in our actions.  We want to be honoring to our government and our authorities who are providing direction to stem the influence of this virus.  We want to listen and learn how we can appropriately respond.  Turning Point’s own Dr. David Long has taken the time to give us some wisdom on how to treat this outbreak.  We posted his video on the church’s facebook account.  We will also provide the video below.  It is a very careful statement of what we can do and how we should respond.

Third, we do not believe that we should cancel any of our services or church events at this time.  We will be monitoring the situation, and should things turn in a direction that we believe warrants further action…we will do so.  But for now, we will follow Dr. Long’s counsel and take wise measures, such as:
•    If you, or your children, are sick or showing signs or symptoms of illness please stay home.  Not only avoid church gatherings, but take the same measure of caution with work, social events, shopping, eating out, etc.   
•    We want to minimize contact during our church gatherings. What that means is we won’t be as outwardly friendly as we normally are.  Instead of our usual hugs and handshakes, we’ll settle for waves and smiles for now.  
•    Wash your hands frequently and use our sanitizer stations. But we’d recommend BYOS – bring your own sanitizers.
•    When you approach for prayer, we are going to ask that each of us provide a little more space between us and our prayer team.  We WILL PRAY.  But we won’t have quite as much contact in our prayer posture as we normally do.
•    With regards to our Kid’s environments, all surfaces, activity stations, and toys have had an extra cleaning and GermBlast will be brought in to provide additional washing.

As you know this is an unprecedented situation, and we will do everything to stay on top of the developments as they occur.  Again, please listen to Dr. David Long’s counsel and stay hopeful, prayerful, and full of faith.  

Services this weekend are on for 9:00 and 11:00.  

Our God reigns!

Pastor Chuck