Below you will find a few resources to answer quesions you may have regarding the Absolute Truth of the Word of God.

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible 

by Erwin W. Lutzer

Can you trust the Bible?
Many answer this question with a staunch No! Critics increasingly attempt to poke holes in the authority of Scripture and deflate faith among believers. But ask Dr. Erwin Lutzer if you can trust the Bible, and he’ll give a resounding Yes! In this revised and expanded edition of the popular book 7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible, Dr. Lutzer offers seven foundational arguments for the reliability of Scripture. In clear, easy-to-follow language, he explores:

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Can We Trust the Bible? Is it Without Error?

by Randy Alcorn

This booklet is more than an answer to one question. It’s a response to a large number of interrelatedones. Hence it is not blog-length or article-length, but booklet length. Those not wishing to read all of it can skim the table of contents to see what headings they are interested in, then selectively read those parts.

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Absolute Truth in a Relativistic World

by Lindy Keffer, Focus on the Family

Even though our society tells us that it's narrow-minded to believe in ultimate truth, there's lots of evidence that says we should run after it with all our hearts. Christ says the truth will set us free. And that promise is true for all time.

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