We are different women, with different stories, united as one in our walk with God. We are a unique blend, a beautiful aroma to the Lord - we are "Potpourri."

Potpourri is our yearly event in which women come together for a powerful night in the movement of the Holy Spirit. This is an evening of teaching, arts, food, laughter, tears, prayer, joy and fun! This is a night to let your hair down, let your worries go, and to lift up your eyes. Be sure to bring your friends, sisters, co-workers, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. Get ready to be moved. Get ready to be encouraged. Get ready to rise!

Can’t wait for our time together!

Hello Beautiful!

As we walk on our journey with God, our friendships are one of the important voices that help cheer one another on. As we all know, life can be messy, marvelous, human and holy.

We are women that have a heart to love, understand, encourage and support one another through all changes, challenges and seasons.

Together we lift one another up through love, grace and transparency.

It is through His love that we share His message.

You are cherished, not dispensable. You are wanted, not abandoned. You are better than your mistakes, and more than your accomplishments.

Your broken places will be made whole.

Most importantly, You are loved my friend.

It's not how you begin, it's how you finish - Your best days are ahead of you!

With much sincere love...

Pastor Ilena Wagner