You are invited to participate in the Mission trip of a lifetime. A team of 15-20 committed Christians from TPCC and elsewhere in the U.S. will venture and minister to the Turkana people of Kenya, a people group in northwest Kenya.  

This ministry experience will:
i.    Expose and sensitize participants to God's love and compassion for another people-group (many unreached) and culture, and to learn from such a culture so as overcome fear through a unique outreach and teaching encounter.
ii.    Motivate participants to use (or discover) the specific, God-given competencies, talents, and skills to share the Good News and expand God’s Kingdom by leading many disadvantaged Turkana people to faith in Christ as Savior or discipling them to deeper faith in Christ.
iii.    Challenge participants to expand their limited perspective of spiritual fervor and establish lasting friendships by intentionally engaging in God’s call to Missions outside their comfort zone.
iv.    Encourage participants to personally pray more and give more towards Missions, and to challenge those that God has placed in their sphere of influence to invest their resources in God’s Kingdom through Missions.
v.    To challenge and encourage team participants from both indigenous and non-indigenous cultures to actively engage in Missions locally and beyond.
vi.    Rekindle a vision for Missions and heart of appreciation in the participants for the plentiful blessings that God has bestowed upon them in their homeland.

The participants will also have an opportunity to experience a safari at the Maasai Mara Game Park as they begin their transition home. We hope that you will be in prayer for how God might use you in this way.