The Wood in the Water

At the bitter waters of Mara, Moses placed a stick… a branch… a piece of a tree into the water and it immediately became sweet. Wood had to be placed in the water for bitterness to be healed. In the wilderness, Moses placed a bronze serpent on a pole of wood so that the snake-bitten children of Israel would be healed. Jesus, in the gospel according to John, said, in essence, “that was Me. I will become sin and thus become the fiery serpent placed on a wooden pole. And when I am lifted up on the wood, I will draw all men unto Me.” In 2 Kings 6 Elisha puts a piece of wood fashioned from a nearby tree into the murky water of the Jordan River where an iron ax head had mistakenly fallen. The iron floats. What had been lost had been restored. A young man’s despair had been deleted, because the wood was placed in the water. Whatever has been lost can be restored. Whatever has caused you despair can be deleted. By faith apply what was done on the wood… what was accomplished by Jesus on Calvary’s tree… the “it is finished”… and the “Father forgive them” to whatever is stealing your peace, joy, and productivity. Get your cutting edge back by reflecting and meditating upon the finished work of Jesus. Put the wood in your muddy waters and watch hope float to the top for you.