NEW SONG: Living Hope

There’s always a bit of a challenge it seems in maintaining a balance in our church songbook between the familiar songs and the fresh songs… “the tried and true” and “the brand new.”  

As a worship team, we can become too familiar too quickly with a song that resonates in the Church; and then, we find ourselves challenged to remain in the same “resonating” space as everyone else.  That’s a really wordy and kind of saying we get bored faster with “playing the same songs over and over” it seems.  But, the converse can be true as well.  As a team there are some songs that we just cannot seem to shed.  By that I mean songs like Jeremy Riddle’s “Furious.” It was a song that surfaced and became popular some 8 years ago. Many churches now have put it back on the shelf never to be touched again – and yet here at TPCC, as a team and I hope as a people – we find that particular song still resonating among us as one of our anthems.

We’ve only glimpsed [God’s] vast affection
Heard whispers of His heart and passion –
It’s pouring out…

In maintaining this balance and stewarding our songbook – some titles get deliberated over for a long time before being added, or cut, or never considered.  It took me a looooong time to wade out into “Oceans” – and I never felt a leading to shackle the team to “No Longer Slaves.”

But then there are those songs that – immediately – after hearing it only once… you want tomorrow to be Sunday so that you can join in with your beloved family and sing with fresh fervor this wonderful worshipful thought captured in song.  Examples being: So Will I, Reckless Love, God I Look to You, Be Enthroned and others.   The song featured here is one such song: Living Hope. It is a song focused intently on Jesus – one that poetically and powerfully proclaims the Truth.  It also speaks what the Truth means for us – and more than that – there is no greater victory than that of our Risen Savior.  Phrases like:

“The cross has spoken, I am forgiven –
The King of kings calls me His own…”

“Then came the morning that sealed the promise –
Your buried body – began to breathe…”

“Out of the silence - the roaring Lion –
Declared the grave has no claim on me Jesus –
Yours is the victory.”

My prayer has always been that – regardless of our feelings toward a particular song or our mood on a specific Sunday – we as a Church are able to prioritize all of the incredible Truth of Jesus during worship and genuinely celebrate Him.  I believe that happens at TPCC most every Sunday, and oh how it warms my heart and - I pray - blesses the Lord. This Sunday we will add this song to our songbook.  We will step into this fresh song-space to make much of our Glorious Savior.  

We would love for you to join us, and may God be praised.