Back to School Prayer

This morning was a special morning for our church family.  Every year - on the Sunday before the start of school - we take a moment and lift up our children, our youth, our college students, our teachers, our counselors and our administrators in prayer.  It is such an amazing moment when we gather together in unity and in God's presence - and ask the Lord to faithfully move in mighty ways as we head into our schools and into our community.  The video above includes the prayer from our 11am service.  Blake Buchanan - one of our Elders here at TPCC - led the church in prayer this morning:

"Lord, I ask - that where they walk - You have walked before them... that wherever they step - into dark corners - that they will shed light."

May the Lord bless your famliy and your children throughout this school year -
and may we be beacons of His incredible love wherever we go!