Our aim is to be a people who prioritize listening to and hearing from God.
Our method is to consistently meet Him in His Word.  

Below you will find our reading plan for the month of January. The pace is steady, but doable... one chapter a day, five days a week (take Saturday off so you don’t get legalistic, and take Sunday to worship with your church family). As you read and listen, we encourage you to use the S.O.A.P. method of writing down what God is saying through His Word:

Scripture: As you read the chapter for the day – Find a verse or two that were meaningful to you and write them down.
Observation: What is God pointing out in the verse(s) you found? What is God Saying? What did you learn?
Application: How can you make the verse(s) personal? What is something you can do today to apply it to your life?
Prayer: Write out a prayer to the Lord.  Ask Him to help you with the application, or to reveal more about the text, or to find ways to share what you are learning with others.

That’s it! Start short. Keep it simple. Be consistent... and patient. God promises that those who seek Him will find Him. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing from the Word of God.


WED   JAN 1    JAMES 1
THU    JAN 2   JAMES 2
FRI     JAN 3    JAMES 3

MON   JAN 6    JAMES 4
TUE    JAN 7    JAMES 5
WED   JAN 8    ACTS 6
THU    JAN 9    ACTS 7
FRI     JAN 10   GEN 37

MON   JAN 13   GEN 38
TUE    JAN 14   GEN 39
WED   JAN 15   GEN 40
THU    JAN 16   GEN 41
FRI     JAN 17    GEN 42

MON   JAN 20   GEN 43
TUE    JAN 21    GEN 44
WED   JAN 22   GEN 45
THU    JAN 23   GEN 46
FRI     JAN 24    GEN 47

MON   JAN 27   GEN 48
TUE    JAN 28   GEN 49
WED   JAN 29   GEN 50
THU    JAN 30   EPH 1
FRI     JAN 31     EPH 2